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Limina opened its doors in 2018 after Isabel graduated from the University of Cape Town with her PhD in Educational Technologies.The research from her PhD shapes how each professional development course is designed. Our courses balance the practical teaching-and-learning needs of educators, learning theories and innovation with technology through fun-filled, interactive and engaging content that makes learning active, playful and transformative. Test it for yourself and see if you end up learning more than you expected.

Our challenge to you is to be part of The Limina Effect. The Limina Effect is all about sharing excitement about learning. If you find something in one of the courses that excited you, share it with a colleague. Perhaps you do one of our open courses (that’s the free stuff!) and enjoyed it, then share it with a colleague. If they don’t have internet or a device, then share what you learnt with them. Just share your excitement – that’s the Limina Effect in action. We love how we are learning through building, creating and innovating, and we love sharing that excitement about learning with you.

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OPEN Courses

Open Courses are created to be open education resources meaning they are free to anyone to do. At Limina we are committed to creating at least one open resource per year that is open to anyone to do. The goal is to create an open resource that addresses a perplexing, multigenerational challenge in education, what we in the educational design world call a ‘wicked’ challenge.

In 2019, as part of UNESCO’s Open Education for a Better World Project, we worked with the Western Cape Education Department to create the Language Across the Curriculum Course for all educators. Our project for 2020 is to create the Reading Across the Curriculum Course with the WCED as Stage 2 of the LAC. You can do the LAC completely for free below. If you are a South African teacher, you will receive CPTD points (as soon as SACE registers the course). So please supply your SACE number when you register.

LEVEL 1 Courses

Level 1 Courses are general and open to all educators or those in the field of education. The general course covers topics such as creating videos and digital resources, how to make eAssessments and use the data from these to make data-informed decisions, and how to do lesson planning. We also build theoretical understanding so while you are learning about 21st century skills and transformative pedagogies, you do this by making infographics, digital posters and much more! You create a website in the Level 1 course where all the resources that you create in your other courses are stored as an ePortfolio. 

Who should do the Level 1 courses? If you can answer NO to these questions you know you should do this course.

I know how to and can confidently use a wide range of online / digital tools and resources; I can make screencasts, timelines, websites, digital presentations and online assessments and more.

I know about transformative pedagogies like blended learning, the flipped classroom, project-based learning and game-based learning.

I know how to integrate these digital tools and resources and transformative pedagogies to create lessons where my learners are using technology in a sophisticated and innovative way.

LEVEL 2 Courses

Level 2 Courses are discipline or subject focused. Each course is specifically designed around the pedagogical and content needs of each subject area. Subject teachers will find their subject reflected in the modules of their course, and each module broken into smaller units that introduce different teaching and learning strategies for blended models of teaching. 

Where appropriate we introduced many new digital tools and resources for each subject or used existing tools in highly sophisticated ways. Teachers for example often ask how they can get learners to complete online worksheets. We’ve used very innovative ways in the different courses to show how this can be done. 

All our Level 2 courses are designed in collaboration with senior curriculum planners from the education department. This ensures that the courses are aligned to the learning needs of the curriculum and teachers’ contextual realities. The courses are then piloted and tested with subject advisors who identify challenges and areas where we need to change or alter aspects or small areas. Only then are courses rolled out to teachers. 

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