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Route 4 - EdTech Coordinators and Managers

EdTech Coordinators or Managers are often those teachers who are in charge of the computer lab or technology programme at the school. At a provincial or district office the EdTech coordinators and managers work with schools and their office-based educators. Both groups are responsible for programmes to provide devices, connectivity and eLearning resources to colleagues and provides training and mentorship at different levels.

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Route Guide

level 1

EdTech coordinators usually wear two hats, one for training colleagues and one for tech support. We took great care to design courses that prepares you to rock both these hats! On the one side, you’ll discover the foundation of EdTech integration to train and support colleagues. On the other, we’ll introduce you to networking, how to evaluate hardware and software, and what to think about when setting up security for the school or office network.

level 2

EdTech coordinators are often expected to be the trailblazers and pioneers, the explorers and Tech Wizzes who can do miracles and turn whole schools or offices, districts or provinces into eLearning champions. Discover your inner miracle worker in this course - or at least learn the skills, tools and competencies to lead your organisation to audit, analyze strategically plan transformation to create and nurture eLearning cultures.

Level 3

Level 3 courses are invigorating, exhilarating and everything an epic adventure promises to be! Prepare to start analysing everyday processes using computational thinking and putting them together by applying programming and coding principles. We demystify coding, learn about robotics and drones and starting with block coding you learn how to make your own fit bits and temperature gauges! It’s fun! It’s edgy! It’s awesome! Get 50% or more for a Level 2 course and you’re in!

Level 4

Those truly brave among us, the rugged mountaineers and trailblazer Everest Climbers will want to head for the Level 4 courses. Limina’s Level 4 courses prepare Techpreneurs with the skills, knowledge and competencies, the how-tos and what-to-dos to take your innovative ideas and build a product, app or digital resource that can become a business in the online digital world! To get here you would need to get 80% or higher in all the previous levels and only the most dedicated and courageous explorers reach this level! Is this you?

What to pack for your learning adventure?

Like any adventure trail, take time to complete the route. Each section of the course will ask you to spend time in class or at the office, and to complete the online activities. You can’t get through the course unless you’ve done both. Make sure your vehicle is ready to tackle the fiercest sections of the different routes. Check that you have internet connection at least some of the time and that you have a working laptop or desktop.

the 4 different routes

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