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Route 3 - School Leaders

Everyone involved in the leadership team of a school are invited to join the School Leaders group, from principals and deputy principals, school managers and administrators, those on the senior management teams and governing body members.

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Route Guide

level 1

Discover the wonders of using Tech to streamline processes and systems in the Office in Limina’s Level 1 introductory courses. As you build skills like managing the calendar or developing business writing skills, creating a marketing poster or whole-school communication system, you’ll also learn how to use a range of productivity tools.

level 2

Explore the extensive range of productivity tools available online and offline, paid-for and free to make the school office processes and systems run smoothly. Level 2 courses are more strenuous and focus on specific topics like project and risk-management, financial management, pastoral care and the South African Education Law. All Level 2 courses build on the foundations of Level 1 courses so a minimum of 50% pass from the Level 1 course is required for entry.

Level 3

Transforming schools and changing the culture of teaching and learning is one of the most challenging adventures any school leadership team can embark on. Limina’s Level 3 courses explore this journey with you, preparing you to take an audit of your school in its entirety and to analyze the results before you strategically plan the next 10 - 15 year journey towards complete EdTech Integration. It’s a challenging course and we recommend that at least two of the management team attend, and if possible, the EdTech coordinator or champion teacher be included as well. A minimum of 50% is required in Level 2 courses to gain entry to this.

Level 4

Imagine virtual or blended learning schools where learners attend some days in the week and spend the rest of the time learning on devices at home? What about MakerSpace schools where programming, coding and app-design is the main focus? Limina’s Level 4 courses take School Leaders on an adventure to discover, explore, imagine and start building the future in their schools today. It is a strenuous course that blends programming and app design with transformation and change theory, so only the truly dedicated can gain entry. Get 80% or more for a Level 3 course and you’re in!

What to pack for your learning adventure?

Like any adventure trail, take time to complete the route. Each section of the course will ask you to spend time in class or at the office, and to complete the online activities. You can’t get through the course unless you’ve done both. Make sure your vehicle is ready to tackle the fiercest sections of the different routes. Check that you have internet connection at least some of the time and that you have a working laptop or desktop.

the 4 different routes

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