Level 2 Integrating EdTechs in Languages for High School

2.4 Practising analysing advertisements

Key Questions

  • How does an advertisement make you want to buy something?
  • What do you need to look out for when analysing adverts?
  • What questions should I ask myself?

What is the most important thing that an advertisement should make the consumer do?

What happens when you view an advertisement?

The main goal of an advertiser is to get the consumers attention and then to make you react, but specifically to react in a manner that makes the consumer purchase the product.

If they cannot make the consumer purchase the product, the next best thing is to make sure that you share information about the advertisement, meaning that more consumers will see it and hopefully someone else will purchase.

Important language to remember when analysing an advertisement:

They include things like gender, race, age, education level, religion, and geographical location.

The particular group from the demographics that the advertisement is aimed towards.

The logo represents the image of the company.

These are usually very catchy and stick in the memory of the consumer.

What model can be used to analyse advertisements?

When you start to analyse advertisements, you need to ask yourself the following questions.


How does this get my attention? What tactic have they used to make sure that I am concentrating on this advertisement?


Now that my attention has been gained, how are they creating interest in the product?


I am interested in the product but what have they done to create desire for me to have this product?


I really want this product. What contact details or information have they given to allow me to take action?

Modelled advertisement analysis

Choose the correct options

Consider ways that an advertiser can capture your attention.

How else could an advertiser capture your attention?

Consider the advertisement for the iPhone 11 below.

How is this advertisement creating DESIRE in the consumer?

Add your thoughts to the space below and then read what others have said.

Remember to refer to visuals or text that you see in the advertisement.

Please mark this unit as completed and move onto the next one.

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