Level 2 Integrating EdTechs in Languages for High School

2.1 Introduction to the module

Key Questions

  • What will this module cover?
  • How should I approach the work in this module?
  • What technology tools will I use in this module?
  • How much time should I spend working on this module?

Welcome to Module 2!

This module will develop your visual literacy reading and analysing skills through the vehicle of advertisements and their text features.

This module is divided into 6 units, including this one, and should take you around 2 hours to complete.

The task for Module 2 involves utilising the advertising skills developed through this module to create your own product advertisement using the edtech cool, Canva.

Throughout this module, you will need to engage in activities.

Remember to look for interactive hot spots in the presentations and to click on them.

Click on ‘Mark as Complete’ button and ‘Next Unit’ to get started.

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