Level 2 Integrating EdTechs in History for Primary School

1.3 What are visual sources?

Key Questions

  • What is a source?
  • How can you tell the difference between primary and secondary sources?
  • Where do you find sources to use in the classroom?
  • How can you save and access these sources at a later time?

What is a source?

Let’s start by examining the concept of a source.

Scroll through the slides by using the arrow on the right.

Sources can be further divided into primary and secondary sources.

Test your knowledge on primary and secondary sources below.

Distinguishing between the sources

Depending on the activity, either secondary or primary sources will be used, or even a selection of both.

Consider the following activities and decide if the teacher should use primary or secondary sources.

Check your answers by clicking on the source and flipping the card. Click next to move on.

Accessing sources

One of the hardest task as a History teacher is to source and access a range of authentic and varied sources.

Luckily, we have access to the World Wide Web and this can make finding these sources much easier – if you just know where to look!

Take some time to look through the following resources and explore the primary and secondary sources that are on offer.

Click on an item to access the website.

This is a Wakelet of curated resources for the History classroom.

Integrating Wakelet

Wakelet is an amazing tool that allows us to create and compile collections of websites, images, videos, files, and anything else you have found into one easy place that you can quickly reference the next time you need to find that source!

Have you ever spent time researching on the internet, found some amazing references to use and then you cannot remember where you got them from?

This is a common occurrence in teachers’ lives and the edtech tool you looked at above is the perfect remedy for this!

You have explored some fantastic reference websites in the Wakelet.

Now it is time for you to create your own collection.

This means that next time you want access to a source, you will easily be able to find it.

Click on each step to explore how to create your Wakelet.

You should spend around 20 minutes completing this.

Mark this unit as complete and click ‘Next Unit’ to move on.

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