Level 1 Integrating EdTechs in Learning

1.7 Sharing a document

Key Questions

  • How do I share the link to my Google Slide with others?
  • Can I share a Google folder with others too? How do I do this?

What is document sharing?

Have you ever needed to create a document with a colleague? Perhaps you worked together on a presentation or a letter, or perhaps an exam paper or term planner? Google documents allow us to work on the same documents at the same time with colleagues while we are preparing these. No more waiting for someone to finish off one section before you have to finish off your part!

You can also share your Google Docs like the Google Slide you made with others to look at. Even if your GSlide isn’t finished, you can still share it and show your progress to someone else.

How to Share a Document

In this section you’ll discover how to share your documents.

Watch the video to find out how you can share the link to your Google Slide presentation with others.

  • Watch the video in the Limina tab.
  • Keep your tab with the Google Slide open.
  • Pause and rewatch the sections until you feel confident to do each step yourself.
  • Use the links that you copy and paste it into the space below where you submit your assignment.

Submit the link to your Google Slide presentation

Submit your Google Slide as an assignment. Click on the blue button below and then paste the link in the appropriate tab. Since you are submitting a link you’ll use the top option.

Building your ePortfolio

Everything that you create in this course will be placed into your ePortfolio. An ePortfolio is like a website where you keep all your online creations to show or share with others. You’ll learn more about your ePortfolio in Module 3 and how to submit it for assessment. For now, know that you will be assessed for this course on the work you submit in your ePortfolio which adds up to 50% of your course mark.

We have learnt though that even the best plans have bugs in them and some teachers inadvertently don’t share their ePortfolio link correctly. This means they end up getting 0 for their entire project. To avoid this heartache, we are building in a backdoor by sharing your Google Drive Limina Folder with the Limina team – just as a Plan B!

Share your GDrive Limina Folder

Just like you shared your Google Slide presentation, you can also share a Google Folder. Everything you create will be saved in your Google Folder. If you share your Google Folder with us, you create a backdoor to give us access to your work in case you don’t share the ePortfolio correctly. This is just a PLAN B – you still have to submit your ePortfolio.

Share your Google Drive Limina folder with the email:


Submit your Google Drive link

Submit the link to your Google Drive Folder below. Since you are submitting a link you’ll use the top option.

Now that you have shared your Google Slide and Google Drive folder links, you are ready to move o to the last unit in this module.

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