Level 1 Integrating EdTechs in Learning

1.5 The Fourth Industrial Revolution & 21st Century Skills

Key Questions

  • What are 21st century skills?
  • What are the 4IR skills?
  • Why are these relevant to education today?

21st Century Skills for Teaching and Learning

Which skills do learners need to succeed in the 21st century? Are these skills the same as those needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution or 4IR?

Watch the video presentation.

Look in your manual on Page 14 & 15

Match the 21st Century Skills in the game below

Explore the 4IR skills

Visit the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) website to see which skills they identify as most important beyond 2020.  

Order the skills below by drawing a line between the right and left buttons.

To draw a line, pick the pencil on the top right and choose a colour.

Mark the unit as complete before you move to the next unit.

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