Level 1 Integrating EdTechs in Learning

1.4 Education in a VUCA world

Key Questions

  • What does VUCA mean?
  • How is this relevant to education today?

Get the text & read it

Download this file and upload it to your Google Drive folder

In case you did not download the Reeves and Reeves article before, here it is again. Click on the Download button to start the download.

Upload the VUCA article to your GDrive

Look in your manual on Page 12

  • Open your GDrive
  • Make sure you are in your Limina folder
  • Go to +NEW
  • Go to File Upload
  • Find the VUCA article on your computer and click on it
  • Click Open and it should upload

How do we manage the challenges of a VUCA world?

Flip through the pages of the book below to discover the antidote for the VUCA world.

When you are done, mark this unit as complete then on to the next unit.

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