Level 1 Integrating EdTechs in Learning

1.2 Introduction to Learning in this Course

Key Questions

  • Why is this course important in the national strategy for professional development?
  • What skills or competencies are important for me to develop in this course?

Course introduction

Welcome to the first of Limina’s EdTech Integration courses! Our Limina team created this specially for teachers. We love playing, innovating and creating with EdTechs and thought you’d like it too! So this course is created in a playful, fun-filled way to let you learn through play how to integrate the wonderful and exciting *FREE* educational technologies available at your fingertips!

Course Overview

Things to remember

What will I need?

  • A laptop or desktop.
  • Relatively stable internet connectivity – at home, school or any safe space where you can work in a relaxed environment.
  • Time to yourself – this course is about developing YOU so give yourself some time to enjoy it and have fun!
  • Your class – in every module you’ll be making different resources that will need to be tested in the class AND you will have to collect evidence of how you tested this.
  • If you know your way around a computer that’s a bonus. If you’ve done a Google Course that’s an even bigger bonus!

How much time will this take?

This is a 10 week course. You will likely work faster in some modules and slower in others. Some weeks you’ll have more pressure from school and other weeks you’ll have more time to spend on the course.

Our advice: Set aside a time once a week to work through the week’s module. Get some friends who are doing the course with you to join you. Meet up at the library or someone’s house and work on it together. Always remember to HAVE FUN!

Test your learning of the DLCs

How many of the DLCs did you remember? Test yourself with the DLC quiz below. Don’t worry, there are some handy videos to help you along the way!

Mark this Unit as Complete. In the next unit you’ll learn how to work in your Google Drive!

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