Level 2 Integrating EdTechs in History for Primary School

1.2 Introduction

Key Questions

  • What are the learning outcomes for this module?
  • How much time will it take to complete this module?

In your Integrating Educational Technologies in Learning course, you learnt about some of the edtechs available to you and how these have shifted teaching and learning. This module looks at how integrating technology into the Social Sciences can improve source interpretation and text analysis within History.

The learning outcomes for this course are:

  1. Interpret multiple visual sources
  2. Discover how technology integration can improve visual analysis
  3. Create a digital interactive visual resource that reimagines information about the past

Set aside at least 2 hours to complete this module.

Remember to click on all the interactive links and buttons and engage with the activities in the presentations.

Mark this unit as complete and click ‘Next Unit’ to get started.

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