Level 1 Integrating EdTechs in Learning

1.1 Introduction to the Course

Key Questions

  • What can I expect of this courses?
  • How much time will it take?
  • What are digital learning competencies?


Watch the video about Limina and what to expect in this course.

Important! Take note of these items in the course.

Here’s is the first new term for the course:


Explore the learning goals and what you’ll make in each module of this course by clicking on the buttons on the right.

While you do this, think of goals you want to achieve by the end of this course. Write these down and hold yourself accountable for achieving this.

Our Learning Partnership

Use the ARROWS on the Left and Right to move forward and backwards between the slides.

The national professional development framework for digital learning

Discover Digital Learning Competencies or DLCs, and why they are important

Limina’s online courses develop digital learning competencies as identified by the national Professional Development Framework for Digital Learning. The Framework identifies 13 digital learning competencies or DLCs. The DLCs are grouped as:

  • DLCs for Professional Development
  • DLCs with a Curriculum Focus
  • DLCs with a Leadership Focus

Can you find it?

1) Two videos embedded somewhere in the infographic *Hint: Look near the circles

2) The Framework and download it.

Download your copy

Did you find the Framework? Just in case you didn’t, here’s another button where you can download it. Click on the DOWNLOAD button to the right.

Assessment in this course

SACE accreditation

Limina is accredited with the South African Council for Educators. We’ve applied for this specific course to be accredited and await their response. Our other courses similar to this one, are accredited for 20 points.

Once you complete the course, Limina sends your course results to SACE who will assign your points to you.

Continuous Assessment

Your developing pedagogical and content knowledge and technological competencies and skills will be continuously assessed through the many different online activities, games and quizzes.

The combined mark for your continuous assessment count 50% of your course mark.

Summative Assessment

Throughout the course you create different digital tools and resources. These are placed in your ePortfolio which you’ll create at the end of this module. This is evaluated using the rubric below.

The combined mark for all your created work counts 50% of your course mark.

When you are done, Click on the text ‘Mark this Unit as Complete‘. You will then see the ‘Next Unit‘ button appear. Click that to move to the next unit.

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